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May 2020


By channeling the innate practice of gathering, observing and exploring, visual artist Kim Cheselka creates compelling narratives.

Through this process, in painting, sculptural work and installations, identifiable and often common objects become elements in her personal iconography.

Cheselka’s work entices the viewer to delve not only into her unique visual expression but their own process of investigation as well.

Her current projects include large scale gouache paintings focused on the symbolic nature of tree growth rings, as well as ceramic shadow boxes that investigate memories past and emotions present.

Willow:  A return in part to a process used in earlier installation pieces. Individual elements come together to form one.  The willow constructions begin with a trek along the riverbanks or roadways, searching out willow that will easily bend and peel.  From that start the process is improvisational. Cheselka relies on how the willow responds to the act of bending, shaping, drying and finally tightening.  A dynamic physical gesture.  The sculpture comes to form, existing as a solid object, dictated by the willow branches own pressure and resistance to each other.  No nails, no glue, no wire.




"T I M E - Tensions Igniting Material Explorations"   Aunt Dofe's Gallery, Willow Creek, MT

"Essence"   Rhythmix Cultural Works, K Gallery, Alameda, CA

"Porcelain Vessels"   Rose Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

“Rust and Water”  Uptown Gallery, Butte, MT


“Kim Cheselka and Rocky Hawkins”   Visions West Gallery, Livingston, MT

"12th Anniversary Show”   Turman Larison Gallery, Helena, MT

“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA

“Tiny cups” India ink paintings   SALT, Venice, CA

"Willow Maps"   Aunt Dofe's Hall of Recent Memory, Willow Creek, MT

"Willow Constructions"  Turman Larison Gallery, Helena, MT

"Venice Art Walk"   Venice, CA

“Landscape of a Traveling Mind”  Jean B. King Gallery, Twin Falls, ID
“Willow Constructions”   SALT, Venice, CA

“International Mail Art Exhibition”   Caldwell Gallery, Pasadena, CA

“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA

“Instructions from the Natural World”   Fulcrum Gallery,  Tacoma, WA

“Convergent Roads”   Rhythmix Cultural Works, K Gallery, Alameda, CA

“Willow Work”   Persimmon Gallery, Redway, CA

“41st Exhibition and Art Auction”   Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT

“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA


“Ink & Clay 34”   Kellogg University Art Gallery, Pomona, CA

“29th Annual Paper in Particular”   Columbia College, Columbia, MO

“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA


“24th National Juried Exhibition”   Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

“Northcutt Steele Gallery”   Montana State University, Billings, MT

“Axis Gallery”    Sacramento, CA


“Ink & Clay 32”   Kellogg University Art Gallery/Jurors Award/purchase, Pomona, CA

“Reassessing Everyday Objects” Rogue College, Grants Pass, OR

“Art + Architecture”  Mar Vista, CA

“Living with Art”   Rhumba, Santa Monica, CA

“Art + Architecture”  Mar Vista, CA

“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA


Venice Art Walk   Venice, CA


“Mad River Post”   Santa Monica, CA
“Quixote Studios”   Hollywood, CA
“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA


“Venice Art Walk”   Venice, CA


“Sculptural Innuendoes” 

“Not always black or white” Installation  Security Pacific Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

“One Square Foot”   Gensler & Associate, Santa Monica, CA

“Fixed Balance” Installation   Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY
“Boxes and Constructions”   Francine Ellman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


“Rising Stars”   Francine Ellman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


“Middle of Calm and Crazy” Installation   Connemara Conservancy, Dallas, TX

“Tompkins Square Arts”   Collaboration choreographer Isabelle Marteau, New York City, NY

“Things That Come & Go” Installation   Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
“Order-Disorder” Installation   P.S. 122, New York City, NY
“The middle of calm and crazy” Installation   Connamara Conservancy, Plano, TX

“No Time To Rest” Installation   Drake University, Des Moines, IA
“Transfer of Places” Installation   Windows on White, New York City, NY

“Red For All” Installation/performance   C.A.S.H. Performance Space, New York City, NY
“What = What” Installation  Assateague Island, MD

“Natural Site – Landscapes” Installation, Park Avenue Atrium, New York City, NY

“Clean Sweep” Installation   Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York City, NY

“And the Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day” Installation   Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
“Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here”   Hudson Street Overpass, New York City, NY
“Drawings and Paintings”   Palazzo Communale, Ribera, Sicily

“Centennial Exhibit, Sculpture”   Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
“Rassegna d’Arte Contemoranea, 81″   Galleria d’Arte Modernia, Ribera, Sicily
“Bay Area Artists Exchange”  Gallery of the Muses, Berlin, Germany

“Standing Alone with Roses”   Hayward Festival of the Arts, Hayward, CA

“Another Arrangement”   San Francisco Arts Festival, San Francisco, CA
“National Print and Drawing Exhibition”   Minot State College, Minot, ND

“Northern California Arts 23rd Annual”   Sculpture Award, Sacramento, CA
“Site Specific Drawings”   California College of the Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA


B.F.A. California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
Boston University, School of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

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